Presenting an entirely new view on living - In a book like no other, All for Grace is a relevant, light-hearted and fictional journey through birth, death and re-birth.


 "I really enjoyed it! More books like All for Grace are needed!" - Miriam O' Callaghan, RTE.

 "Ingenious ... A grace-full debut from a talented and inspirational author." - Becky Grice, Editor, East Cork Journal.

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Set in twentieth century, Ireland, the story told is the life and afterlife of countryman, Gerry Daly; his choices, his decisions, his intense love-affair, a family feud over land and a marriage that eventually propelled his demise. In a unique and compelling manner, his story is narrated two centuries later - from the womb - by unborn, playful twins travelling to birth; and with this fresh perspective and through several plotline twists, the twins unravel the connections between the past, present and the future.

Ground-breaking in both content and format.  Uplifting, a page-turning novel of love and hope, easily digested through subtle, Irish humorous tones; and filled with suspense, fun, intrigue and adventure.

It combines the ordinary with the extraordinary, and the serious with the funny. One of a kind, it is the first time a book like this has been successfully done.

It is a modern-day journey into the dream world; relevantly encouraging readers' curiosity, it asks questions opposed to answer them. Cleverly, the book weaves personal-empowerment messages into the reader's life, as the metaphor of the plot speaks directly to the unconscious. And through a celebration of emotions, from joy to grief and tears to laughter, the reader is left with an uplifted feeling of self-renewal.

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Praise for All for Grace 

"All for Grace is a remarkable first novel, containing some wonderful characterisations, an innovative multi-layered structure and an imaginative and thought-provoking storyline. Here's hoping for more from this refreshing new author." - Colm Keane, Author of the No. 1 Bestseller Going Home, Award-Winning Journalist and RTE Broadcaster.

"All for Grace is a fun and inspiring novel that takes the reader on an extraordinary adventure. I haven't read a book in a single sitting in years - but this is a real page-turner and I just couldn't put it down. The idea is unique and what I love about All for Grace is that not only do you get a fantastic story with brilliant, thought-provoking characters - you also learn so much about yourself and your family. Every home should have one." - Lorraine Thomas, Author of The Mummy Coach, Get a Life! and The 7-Day Parent Coach.

"A grace-full debut from a talented and inspirational author. It's not often that a book like All for Grace comes along - an uplifting story that doesn't answer questions, but simply asks them, and lets the reader come to his or her own conclusion.

Mairéad Whyte has a natural flair for characterisation, matched only by her ingenious ways of captivating her readers' imaginations. In a world filled with the likes of James Patterson and JK Rowling, it's not often that a book makes you stop, think and then, after you've thought for a little while, think some more. All for Grace is such a book." - Becky Grice, Editor, East Cork Journal.

"All for Grace is a magical, life-enhancing story that is fun and uplifting and takes you on a soul journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary. It evokes laughter, sadness and deeper thinking that will certainly stir debate." - Sherron Mayes, Journalist and Author of best-selling book, Be Your Own Psychic.


"All for Grace is a clever, thought-provoking book. On the one hand, it's a novel about love and life; on the other, it's a personal-growth guide, offering life lessons and advice which the reader can take to heart. I thoroughly enjoyed it." - John Dolan, Features Editor, Evening Echo.

"All for Grace is truly a wonderful book. A real page-turner that I read in two days! It is a beautiful mix of spiritual and fiction and the writing is entertaining and uplifting. I highly recommend reading it. The last time I read a book this fast, was when I came across Conversations with God." - Lily Holistic, Ireland (

"All for Grace is a great book that teaches important life lessons in a fun and unique way. Simple to digest and engaging throughout, Mairéad Whyte has written a great story that entertains, informs and enlightens. I wholeheartedly recommend it." - Brian Mayne, Global speaker on success and Author of the best-selling book, Goal Mapping and Life Mapping, and Sam the Magic Genie (


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