Your voice is unique and the most creative act is to express that which is most individual about you. Translate your passion, aliveness and vitality into writing as you express that which stimulates you and others.


"Excellent - Focus is on creativity and not structure - Gave me lots of new dimensions to draw inspiration from, and the courage to express myself along with the necessary skill to do it!" - Oisin O'Carroll, Galway.

"Excellent delivery, very honest, very open manner and very effective." - Georgia Hopkins, Cork.

  "10 out of 10. Mairead's sessions are relaxed and challenging at the same time.  Would recommend this to others." - Des Kirby, Galway.

"Brilliant!  Loved every minute even if it was out of my comfort zone - thank you so much Mairead." - Margaret Powell, Galway.

  "I found the idea of creating future memories very fascinating. I will use this. The level of serenity in Mairead's delivery is fabulous." - Dave Maguire, Kildare.

"Mairéad - your class is very uplifting, it has helped me shift several blocks/beliefs. Your integrity, your heart, your generosity - you are truly inspirational. Thanks a million." - Anne McCarthy, Cork. 

"Great variety of exercies, unique approach, opened up my creative mind and imagination - and got me writing again!" - Anne Morency, Galway. 

"10 out of 10. Provided inspirational ideas! And positive encouragement." - Anne Connolly, Galway. 

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Creative Writing Course - Galway

 The confidence to express yourself and the necessary skills to do so. 

Writing is a process that makes you feel great!  

Learn tips, tools and techniques for communication that you can also apply in your everyday life.   

Learn how to express your deepest emotions to creative vibrant writing - Experience the joy of inspiring others with your writing - Discover how to write creatively - Tools, Tips & Techniques for character development, great plot creation, creating suspense & intrigue in your writing and ... more ! - Find your inner writing passion!!

EIGHT week course commencing on:

Monday April 8th, 2013, from 7pm to 9pm

at The Westside Resource Centre, Galway

8 week course only €85

Tea and coffee provided!

Author and Coach, Mairead Whyte guides you towards creativity. Her writing is endorsed by Miriam O'Callaghan, RTE and, Colm Keane, No 1 Best-Selling Author.

To register contact Mairead now on

083 - 0020280 or


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More Testimonials - what people say!

"I just love these classes - 10 out of 10." - Veronique Gauthier, Galway.

"This opened up my mind how to get to where and what I want. Very relaxed and very understandable - Mairéad has a wonderful connection with people." - Pauline Walsh, West Cork. 

"It is refreshing to meet someone who walks the talk and does it with fun." - Martin Forrest, Cork. 

"I looked forward to this class every Monday evening and miss it now! Thank you Mairead for your wonderful knowledge on this course. I embraced it." - Mary Donoghue, Galway.

"The exercise of projecting 5 years was unbelievably helpful. I feel very energised and motivated. I really appreciated your willingness to share your own challenges the way that encouraged participants to open up and share." - Jennifer Malone, Cork.

"Unusual dips into our own soul, a psychological travel in space and time. Loved the 'voices' and 'future memories' exercises' Thank you!" - Bianca Petrascu, Galway. 

"It has been a life changing day - your style of delivery is great!"  - Anna Moran, East Cork.

 "It has given me the motivation to look at my life. The 5 year from now projection when I am already at a crossroads has helped me to come to my decision. Thank you!" - M.McCarthy, West Cork.

"Mairéad - Thank you so much for a very interesting day. I had a few light bulb moments and now feel more confident that I can do anything I want." - Ulrika Lidstrom, Cork.

"It really helped me stop and think about exactly what I want my life to be like and being able to flip my negative beliefs. Mairéad has a lovely presence, so calming and is firm in her own beliefs." - Deirdre Dennigan, Cork.