We are our own authors in the book of our life, responsible for what happens in the next sentence, the next chapter and what conclusion we want for ourselves. And it all starts with how we think. It starts with our individual personal awareness, our consciousness to life and all that surrounds us. It is about new ways to be at our best!

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How Coaching Works

Mairéad's coaching accelerates your growth to achieve your goals much faster than doing it alone. As an author, creative writer, a qualified Coach, a Hypnotic Practitioner and an NLP Masters Practitioner, Mairéad works with you to specifically enhance your creativity, achieve your future goals and make those changes that you want in your life. It is you who clearly defines what you want to do, have or be. Her work is to help you to realise your potential, and her unique techniques work to increase your self-belief and confidence to improve your performance and reach your potential.

Mairéad's methods creatively facilitate you to think in new, more creative, curious and innovative manners. Once you learn to think differently, you will discover new solutions, insights and wisdom within yourself.

Her coaching is non-directive. Her approach is based on the capacity of people to learn to take measured action based on their own creative solutions. She believes the wisdom and the knowledge for the solutions lie within the individuals.

She is focused on you. She is focused on helping you make the changes you deserve and you desire.



How you Benefit

Her focused techniques give you the insight to reach your goals faster. Mairéad's coaching is focused on your future. Specifically you will benefit from: 

  • Increased creative and innovative thinking
  • Clarity on what you want
  • Clarity on how to achieve what you want in your life
  • Increased confidence
  • Learning to think in new and more creative manners, and generating ideas that align with your life values
  • Accessing your inner voice
  • Understanding of your underlying motivating factors
  • Clarity on your life values and setting goals to meet those values
  • Established reality of how you can achieve your goals
  • Increased awareness on both the positive and negative consequences (benefits and impacts) of your actions and goals - this allows you to make better decisions and choices.
  • Habit and behaviour changes that you want
  • New actions to make those changes that you deserve and desire. (After all, if what you are doing is not working, then do something different!)



 What people say!

 "Mairéad has always maintained a very professional approach helping me draw out new options and identify new courses of action which have helped me achieve my goals. She keeps a good structure to sessions, is very focused and motivational and has given her full commitment to my progress. We covered topics around personal relationships and confidence building, limiting beliefs and business tools (website) etc. The NLP approach, in particular the 'anchoring' technique' made me think in new ways I had not explored within myself before." - Nynke, London - April 19th 2009.  


"I am very impressed with the outcome of the eight sessions I had with Mairéad. In discussing goals, Mairéad asked very relevant questions and gave me helpful assignments both of which helped me separate actual goals and the feeling/thoughts that were getting in the way of achieving my goals. During sessions, I often felt that, although discussing a goal that initially I expected to be enormous, by the end of the session, I had clarity on what I needed to do and how I could do it. In general, I feel I am able to handle many types of situations a lot better than before. I can see a lot more clearly how to overcome obstacles. I believe I have a lot more control in my life. Mairéad was great to work with. I never felt under pressure by the sessions but always felt I was advancing towards my goals. I very much appreciate all the help these sessions have given me." - Anne, Dublin - December 4th 2008.  


"It is refreshing to meet a life-coach who walks the talk and does it with fun." - M. Forrest - Cork. 


"I was enjoying the freedom that came with early retirement and having the time to spend on hobbies and other interests.  However, after a year I felt that I needed more direction and focus in order to develop these areas to the full - and this is where Mairéad came in.  She was superb in enabling me to clarify my goals and expectations.  She didn't offer advice or lead me in any direction based on her experiences, situation and values, but asked me pertinent and probing questions that enabled me to arrive at conclusions that were right for me.  I was amazed at some of the ideas that I came up with and identified some subconscious blockages (fears) that were hindering my progress.  I feel I achieved a tremendous amount in a short space of time and this is down to Mairéad's skill and experience in enabling people to understand what it is that they really want and how to reach their full potential.  Thank you Mairéad!" - Sue, London - April 7th 2009.


"Mairéad coached me for six sessions, I found Mairéad to be very friendly and upbeat. I felt very positive and uplifted every time I spoke to her. She got me to really think about things I  had achieved in previous years. She focused on my strengths which made me believe I could achieve my goals. Mairéad was always encouraging me. I have already achieved many goals with her help. She asked great questions. Mairéad really listened to me with great empathy. I trusted her completely. What a brilliant coach. Thank you so much." Debbie, East London - November 8th 2008.


 "Mairéad is very enthusiastic about helping her clients. She helped me focus on my goals while taking me carefully through every phase of the 'GROW' model. She is very much an encourager and really has a strong desire to help her clients in every possible way.
Thank you very much Mairéad for all your life coaching that has changed my life." John, Middlesbrough - March 13th 2009.


"Mairéad has a down-to-earth and straight forward approach and we got to the point very quickly making sure no time was wasted. She also made sure I leave the sessions with actions, and that I am committed to moving forward. It really helped me make progress. I enjoyed being coached by Mairéad very much." - Krisztina, Brussels - February 10th 2009.


"I found Mairéad to be a most professional coach. She is excellent at the skill of articulating, so that the session progresses relentlessly to a successful conclusion. She is friendly reminding me of what we decided at the previous session and holding me accountable for my actions. Her strength is in her gentle yet firm persistence." - Peter, Cheshire, England - February 21st 2009.  


"Mairéad's questioning technique was precise and professional which enabled me to successfully reach my session goals. The excellent rapport between both of us enabled each session to be very productive. Mairéad was very encouraging which gave me a real sense of purpose. Overall, the coaching sessions were extremely beneficial and it was a great pleasure to have Mairéad as my coach. Many thanks." - Robert, Maidenhead, England - November 18th 2008


"During the sessions Mairéad asked me open-ended and searching questions and listened attentively. I started to feel more confident as I developed a better understanding of myself, strengths and areas that I should pursue for fulfilment. I was lost in the maze and Mairéad's coaching helped me work my way out. Mairéad helped me realize a different perspective and a focused approach on how to tackle the issue. Overall I felt supported, listened to, energized and more motivated after my sessions with Mairéad. Importantly, I was able to be myself without feeling vulnerable, silly or that I was being judged. I trusted Mairéad." - Michelle, South London - February 19th 2009.



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